It all started with a dream

Craft & Common was founded by Lindsay and Brandon Duensing in 2018 in an effort to merge the realms of specialty coffee and hospitality.

After spending a year traveling across the country, they found most coffee shops either had amazing coffee or excellent customer service, but rarely both. It was in this realization that Craft & Common's mission was born; to make specialty coffee approachable by providing our guests with the best possible coffee experience in combination with attentive, yet genuine hospitality in a comfortable environment.

We strive to be a meeting place in the Orlando community where all feel welcome and respected.

Doing a common thing uncommonly well

We like to think of ourselves as coffee “mixologists”. Our ‘Craft’ coffee menu is inspired by the ingredients and techniques used in high-end cocktail bars. All of our drinks are made by hand using unique components like pink Himalayan sea salt, small batch bitters, local juices, and fresh garnishes. Our intentional selection of ingredients, combined with the skill of our talented barista team, allows us to transform a common latte into a ethereal experience. No, we’re not exaggerating.

Our culinary team creates delightful sandwiches and toasts (elevated cafe food as we like to call it) to complement our beverage menu. By taking a simple concept, like avocado toast, and adding fresh, unexpected twists, we are creating a new experience for our guests. We’ll admit, coffee is always the focus of our menu, but you have to eat sometimes too. We cannot expect you to live on coffee alone! Trust us, we’ve tried.

A new wave of specialty coffee

Good coffee science alone is no longer good enough. Yeah, we said it. What constitutes a great café experience, you ask? The answer is unparalleled customer service, an obsession with excellence, and an investment in team development. Don’t get us wrong, the past eras or waves of coffee have contributed immensely to how we enjoy our coffee, and we all know history is super important. But change and innovation occur in every industry, and the coffee industry is no exception.

Our team works together to meticulously design and refine our processes bringing you the absolute best experience possible. It sounds complicated, but our recipe is simple; great coffee + great service + great vibes = happy custies.