This Single Origin Coffee is available in limited quantities.

250 gram bags.

Producer: Camilo Enciso
Process: Washed
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Region: Planadas, Colombia
Elevation: 1,300 to 2,180 Meters above Sea Level.
Notes: Dark Chocolate, Root Beer, Creamy.


Camilo Enciso is the President of the ASOPEP Cooperative, located in Planadas, Colombia. Planadas is the birthplace of the FARC Rebel Group in Colombia and extremely isolated. Camilo planted over 6,000 Pink Bourbon trees in the beginning of 2019, and practices both holistic and regenerative farming throughout his Finca. Camillo leaves his coffee to begin the fermentation process within the cherry, and seals these cherries in a low oxygen environment for (48) hours. From there, the coffee is de-pulped and left to continue fermenting in an open tank (no water added). After that, it’s washed and taken to a dryer, where it dries for a minimum of 14-25 days.

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